Kinkell Fishings

A river that lends itself to fishermen and women of all abilities

Location and accessibility

An idyllic river to suit all fishermen or women

Kinkell lies at the heart of Strathearn. This part of Perthshire is a wonderfully gentle landscape of productive farmland, attractive small towns and villages, beguiling rivers and with a backdrop of the scenic Ochil hills. The River Earn flows east from Loch Earn for 47 miles before joining the Tay Estuary near the Sea. The Earn is an important tributary of the River Tay being in its own right an excellent Salmon river as well as being regarded as one of Scotland’s finest Sea Trout rivers. This is a rare combination and gives the angler more opportunity to catch fish.

Kinkell is located on the Middle Earn, just three miles north west of the very attractive small town of Auchterarder. Kinkell is a two mile stretch of mostly double bank fishing. The majority of the fishing is carried out from the south bank and the beat lends itself to fishermen and women of ALL abilities. The size of the water allows for experienced rods to cover all the lies of the river effectively, but it is also an excellent size of river for a beginner to learn on and to grow in confidence. Whilst most of the beat has good wading, the lower end of the Kinkell beat has very easy wading over gravel which is delightful to fish from. The Lower beat also has very few obstructions for back casts, making this an ideal place to learn to fish. We welcome and actively encourage, novice or inexperienced fisherman and woman to come and fish at Kinkell.

When fishing at Kinkell, you will become immersed in the beauty of the surrounding scenery. One of the great attributes of fishing at Kinkell, is that we do not as a rule have many midges, compared to other more Northerly and Westerly Scottish rivers. It is hard to rival Kinkell’s idyllic location coupled with its accessibility.

Ghillie - Years of knowledge at your disposal

We are incredibly fortunate to have Sandy McIntosh as our Ghillie at Kinkell. Sandy has a lifetime’s worth of experience as a Ghillie and is a true river character. He has been the Ghillie at Kinkell for over 20 years and has an insatiable passion for this stretch of water. He intimately knows every nook and cranny of Kinkell better than any man alive. As a result, he has built up a wealth of knowledge over the years and is therefore able to recommend which flies work best in various conditions and knows exactly where the fish will be found at any given moment. There are very few questions that he will not be able to answer. Sandy is also an excellent teacher and guide. He is always on hand to help provide casting lessons and general handy tips for both novice and experienced rods. Sandy’s passion for this stretch of water is infectious and he is always keen to share his knowledge with those who are looking to learn.

Fishing Lodge and Hut

Meet, relax and exchange tales of the one that got away!

There are two main fishing lodges/huts at Kinkell. The principal lodge is located on the north bank just 50 yards from Kinkell Bridge, which is a stunning four arched bridge dating from the late 18th Century and lies at the heart of the beat. This lodge is where guests meet each morning. It is well equipped with full mains services. The lodge is a classic, traditional fishing hut nestling on the banks of the river. It is well furnished and the walls are adorned with photographs from successful fishing trips over the years. There is a second fishing hut at the meet point of the Upper and Lower beats. The hut is more basic in its design, but provides a lovely spot to review a morning’s fishing with those who have been fishing the other beat that morning.

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